Snowfit returns after its covid break !

This fall our Snowfit day camp in Woodinville starts with a movement awareness breakdown and then rebuild you during the rest of the day.

Lead coached by Stuart Craig 

We will take you to new levels of fitness and body awareness, and coach you in movements that will immediately transfer to your skiing.

Get ready for skiing and other sports by improving your fitness, your movements and your alignment, so you can enhance your on-snow performance and efficiency as well as help protect you from injury.

We’ll explore training that constantly engages your stance in order to produce efficient movements, and then look to add in true power training, something that is often missing from ski “fitness” programs. After all, all snow sports – alpine, Tele, and XC skiing and snowboarding – are dynamic sports that demand the power to move your body to keep it able to resist and react to all the forces of the snow-sliding movements.

We’ll start the day with some concepts of training, and show you simple ways to add to your training – or to create new kinds of training. Through the use of “toys,” as well as bodyweight exercises we’ll explore balance, strength, and movement training, and we’ll do some sample “workouts.” Many of the “toys” we’ll have are ones you probably already have, and we’ll show you a variety of ways to use them. This includes, among other things, traditional weights, resistance bands, challenge-your-balance boards, as well as plyometric-oriented items like boxes and jump ropes. We’ll also play with suspended training systems, kettle bells, and sand bags, and speed/agility trainers like agility ladders, and cones.

There is no kind of minimum requirement here: Snow Fit is equally accessible to someone who is super fit or someone just looking to get more prepared for winter. And no matter if you’ve got some injury, and no matter what age you are, these ideas are applicable to you., And everything we will do in Snow Fit is based on the same stance, movements and movement concepts we work with all winter, so you’ll be pre-loading your body and brain for any of our on-snow clinics this winter.


Some of the key concepts of Snow Fit:

·Training and strengthening your functional stance quickly and easily

·Using that stance awareness in what you’re already doing

·How to train to add power to your moves while maintaining an excellent, engaged stance, whether by supplementing your current fitness training or by changing them

·Adding more agility to your movements

·How to think about your on-snow goals and train for them off snow·How to think about your overall fitness goals and build a plan to accommodate what you want, both in general and for the snow season

·How to maximize your body’s strengths

·And, of course, how to have a huge amount of fun while creating a surprisingly easy path to better snow (and general fitness) performance!


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