Please read Booking Terms & Conditions in full.

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Snowperformance Booking Policies

A registration form must be received for each person attending any camp or multiweek program to secure a place. Any person signing the registration form on behalf of others guarantees payment of the full cost of the course of all those mentioned on the form and for any others added at a later date.


A deposit shall be paid in advance of any camp all deposits are non refundable and shall be forfeit in the case of cancellation. The cost of the deposit will be 20% or a named amount of each camps total cost. A non-refundable deposit is non-refundable.

Balance of payment

Shall be paid within twelve-weeks of any foreign trip and within 6 weeks of any camp within the US  unless otherwise stated. Should the balance not be paid by the due dates we reserve the rights to cancel the booking and levy cancellation charges as laid out below.


The deposit will be forfeited in all cases and depending on the timing of when the cancellation is sent in writing the following charges expressed as a % of the total camp cost shall be made.


Cancellation Time US Camps International Camps
12-weeks or more Amount less non refundable deposit Amount less non refundable deposit
Made within 12-weeks non refundable deposit 50% includes deposit
Made within 6-weeks 50% 100%
Made within 3-weeks 100% 100%
Made on or after camp date 100% 100%

All cancellations must be notified to us in writing or in a receipted email by the person who signed the registration form. If no written notice of cancellation is received and you do not attend the course, cancellation shall be deemed to be the day of the start of the course. We reserve the right to resell the course to others and this does not affect our right to levy cancellation fees. Please note that you may make a claim against your insurance company if the reason for cancellation falls within their policy, but that cancellation charges must be paid to us then reclaimed by you from your insurance company.

A cancellation Invoice can be sent to the person who made the booking or on request to the insurance company.

Snowperformance reserves the right to cancel any course, due to low participation, weather or other reasons and in these cases will refund in part or full to any person who has paid a deposit or full payment.

We reserve the right to refuse participation in our camps to any individual or group without reason.

In cases of resort closure due to weather or snow conditions Snowperformance will work to reschedule all programs that are affected within the season of operation. We do not guarantee this. In general courses will not be rescheduled to the next season.


**It is a condition that all clients of Snowperformance that book a foreign camp with Snowperformance get covered by a personal vacation comprehensive insurance policy covering them for the duration of the camp and all travel related arrangements.

We strongly recommend Cancellation Insurance on all courses as we can not be responsible for refunds once places are confirmed.**

Covid Policy

Snowperformance COVID-19 Policy and protection update
**Disclaimer: Our COVID policies and procedures are subject to change without warning at any time.**
We are striving to keep you as safe as possible and our coaches will follow all mountain Covid policys including wearing masks inside the lodge and on lifts and also where social distancing is not possible.  Creating social distancing in lift lines and within our small groups when on the mountain.  We are also looking at meeting groups outside and are changing our teaching protocols to get groups to give more distance.  Video will be sent as a Vimeo link for review.  If you are not comfortable getting on a chair with a mask with another person then you can ride alone.
For Heliski and certain other travel camps we will ask clients to take a Covid test within 72 hours of your trip. 
We are also doing design groups where you can bring your bubble group of friends to create a more secure group you and your ski friends for any day of the week.  We will have more private lesson coaches available if you need to stay away from group activity and also because private instruction is the fastest way to learn.
**In the event that a ski area or tour operator we rely on should cease operation and force us to cancel a trip, camp or lesson as a result of government order or mandate (ie Virus outbreak) our guests will have the options to either receive a full balance payment or roll the balance over to another Snowperformance product**
We will not refund because of a persons own decision to cancel due to their perception of a Covid related situation.**
The only way to protect you and us from cancellations is to take personal trip cancellation and interuption insurance policies.
We are using World Nomads who do not have a Covid exclusion in their policy. 
Please read in detail any trip cancellation policy for Covid exclusions and also for winter sports coverage including out of bounds for Heli Cat and backcountry trips.
We can not and will not refund for your cancellation for any reason within our regular policy boundaries.


Release of Liability 2020-2021

All clients of Snowperformance must read agree and sign a release of liability to participate in any activity put on by Snowperformance. The release read as below you will be asked to sign at course start.

  1. I am aware that skiing and snowboard racing and training are hazardous sports that include certain risks and dangers, including the risk of serious injury to me. I voluntarily accept full responsibility for all risks inherent in skiing and snowboarding and in the area / mountain environment.
  2. I accept my responsibility to ski / snowboard safely at all times, to abide by the Skier Responsibility code, and to obey all posted behavior notices and any other ski area rules and policies. Any equipment I use while skiing, I use at my own risk.
  3. I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, AND INDEMNIFY SNOWPERFORMANCE LLC. and and any of (their / its) employees, agents, contractors, subsidiaries, officers or owners from all claims for any injury or damage resulting from any cause, including negligence, which arises out of participation in or travel to and from SNOWPERFORMANCE'S TRAINING CENTERS. This release is also binding as to any other persons, including all family members, heirs, and executors.
  4. If you are enrolling a minor child in ski school please read and understand the following.

As part of ski school instruction and skiing / snowboarding your child will ride chairlifts. The ski school and or ski area can not guarantee that your child will ride the chairlift with any particular person. Your child may ride the lift with a student , instructor or member of the public, or may ride the lift alone. If this is not acceptable please do not enroll your child in ski school. By enrolling your child in ski school you understand and agree to have your child ride the chair with, with a student , instructor or member of the public, or alone.

If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I recognize that I may not release any claims the minor may have. However, I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the minor’s participation in or travel to and from SNOWPERFORMANCE LLC. I also agree to Release, HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY SNOWPERFORMANCE LLC. for any claims brought by or on behalf of the minor.

Student Name ______________________________________ Date ____________________

DOB_____/_____/_____ Signature ___________________________________________

Parent or guardian name if under 18________________________________

Parent or guardian Signature ____________________ Date ____________________

*Please list any medical conditions we should be aware of