Our Programs

2017-18 Calendar of Events

Summer/ Fall 2017

July 2017

Summer Race camps Timberline Mount Hood
Willie Mackay Private camp July 7-9
Masters Race camp July 11-13
Slalom and sleeves open camp July 21 22 23

August 2017

International Adventure
New Zealand Tour


Snowfit camps

December 2017

Sun Peaks carve all mountain camp - December 8th -10th
Sun Peaks race carve camp -December15th-18th
Snowbasin Xmas camp 1 - December 26th- 29th

January 2018

Multi-Week (5-week) Programs Alpental
Tuesdays - Begins January 9th
Wednesdays - Begins January 3rd
Fridays - Begins January 5th
Snowbasin camp 2 January 21st 22nd 23rd 24th
Mission Ridge Weekend camps January 13th 14th

February 2018

International Adventures
Japan Tour - Feb 5th-11th
Snowbasin camp 3 - February 25th -28th

March 2018

Mission Ridge camp - March 3rd 4th
Silverton Mountain camp - March - 8th - 11th
Mustang Powder Cat Ski - Small group steep chutes camp 1 - March 17th -19th
Mustang Powder Cat Ski - Small group steep chutes camp 2 - March 24th -26th
Mission ridge camp - March 31st April 1st

May 2018

International Adventures
Iceland heli ski and touring camp